BACnetP2 Pricing


BACnetP2 Pricing

The BACnetP2 purchase is a once off expense, there are no annual fees! The price for BACnetP2 is dependent on each site, therefore, we require a bit of information about the site before we can provide you with a quote.

Insight Reports

In order for us to give you a quote, we need two reports run from the Insight PC. The two reports are: "Panel Configuration Report" and "System Profile Report". These reports will provide us accurate information on the system and therefore the price of the licence can be calculated. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting the reports.

* NOTE: After you have generated the reports you can analyse the System Profile Report. Please click the button below if you would like to try our System Profile Analysis tool. This tool can be used for budget quotes. All you need is the System Profile Report.

Information Required

If for any reason you cannot provide us with the two reports required, please send us the following information.

P2 BLN type (RS485 or Ethernet)
Number of servers (Ethernet = 1, RS485 = Number of P2 networks (BLNs))
Number of panels
Number of TECs

Please note: Without the reports we will not be able to verify the system information you send us so please be as accurate as possible and give us exact numbers.

Get a quote

Have you realised that BACnetP2 is just what you have been looking for? If you have a particular site in mind that you would like a quote for, don't hesitate to contact us.