BACnetP2 Downloads

Software version:

This the latest free, full version of the software. Please download it and try it out for yourself, to see if it is the right software for you and your system.

A 16 day demo licence is included, afterwhich the gateway must be restarted and the licence is then valid for a further 8 days, and then 4 days and so on.

Free BACnet Browser for use with BACnetP2.

Our user guide or manual for configuring and using BACnetP2. Latest version published 26 April 2023.

This includes the information in the quick start guides, the install manual, SDN manual, linux set up manual and more.

An informative brochure containing details of BACnetP2.

This is a technical document providing connection details and other requirements of BACnetP2.

This is a document providing a visual explanation of the BACnetP2 deployment process and what you can expect after purchasing.

Hardware Information Downloads

We supply either the Logic Supply FR201 or CL200, depending on availability.

DSD TECH USB to RS485 RS422 Converter Datasheet

These are the set up notes for when you receive your OnLogic device with BACnetP2.

Cyber Security

This white paper covers cyber security on two separate fronts. First there is the gateway device installed at the client site often with access to the client’s internal network. Second is the Purpleswift organizational security with gateway software generation and client information protection.

Cyber Attestation undertaken in December 2023.