Niagara System Architecture with BACnetP2 integration

BACnetP2 integration with Siemens Systems
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Niagara Framework: How Siemens P2 can fit in

Tridium is built on Niagara AX (or N4) which is a proprietary framework. A typical Tridium device, called a JACE (Java Application Control Engines), supports numerous open protocols (such as Lon, BACnet, and Modbus) and proprietary protocols on a scalable platform.

Niagara Supervisor, shown at the top of the diagram, is the machine that is running the Station for the customer's site.

The next level down on the diagram shows a JACE which is BACnet capable. Siemens P2 protocol cannot be connected to a JACE, which proves to be an obstacle when trying to integrate systems. However, integration of the two systems is possible with the use of BACnetP2.

BACnetP2 can be connected to the JACE by BACnet/IP, and then connected to devices on the Siemens P2 network, thus integrating the two systems.

The aim of the above information and diagram is to provide an idea of where BACnetP2 sits on the system when used to integrate a P2 system with Niagara. We are not currently offering, nor are we developing, a JACE version of BACnetP2.