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DC1 FCU Controller              Download PDF



The DC1 is a full featured FCU controller. The DC1 will operate "stand alone" or as an integral part of a building management system (BMS). The control parameters, such as damper stroke time, can be set by the BMS and are stored in non volatile memory (EEPROM) to prevent them from being lost when the power is removed. All connections to the DC1 are by means of plug-in screw terminal connectors which provides for quick, convenient installation, commissioning and maintenance. The heater current valve can optionally be upgraded to a 3kW capacity by means of a larger external heatsink.

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PurpleSwift Bullet

PI control

PurpleSwift Bullet 3 Point valve, pulse proportional valve or 1 step cooling output (24 VAC)
PurpleSwift Bullet

Pulse proportional heater control signal (24 VDC for external current valve)

PurpleSwift Bullet BMS communications support (Siemens Building Technologies System 600 compatible)
PurpleSwift Bullet External "dial" setpoint input
PurpleSwift Bullet Load shedding function for maximum demand limiting
PurpleSwift Bullet Fan on /off control output
PurpleSwift Bullet Fan run proof input
PurpleSwift Bullet Heater relay (Safety in case triac fails)
PurpleSwift Bullet Second temperature sensor input (Monitor only)
PurpleSwift Bullet On / Off control input
PurpleSwift Bullet Built-in transformer

DC1 Typical Application


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