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DBACnet BACnet /IP Controller

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The DBACnet controller makes Siemens APOGEE floor level controls available to BACnet via the BACnet /IP protocol. The DBACnet controller communicates with any attached APOGEE floor level controls (such as the TEC) and makes the controls available to any BACnet system. The BACnet system can both read and write (command) the APOGEE device settings (sub-points).

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PurpleSwift Bullet

Auto detection of attached devices

PurpleSwift Bullet Auto configuration of attached devices
PurpleSwift Bullet

Multiple DBACnet controllers per BACnet installation

PurpleSwift Bullet 8 LAN connections supporting up to 256 devices *
PurpleSwift Bullet DHCP or Static IP address
PurpleSwift Bullet Power-on re-commanding of values
PurpleSwift Bullet Local caching of monitored points for fast response

* When used with devices with extended addressing then up to 400 may be connected per DBACnet controller.

DBACnet Typical Application


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