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Tango to KiCAD converter version 1.0 Download File 670 kB (Windows only)

KiCAD is an open source CAD package. PurpleSwift uses KiCAD for the design and layout of its range of electronic controls. See

Previously Tango (DOS) was used for the PCB layout and so this converter was written to import the Tango PCB files into KiCAD BRD files.

This converter does not convert the Tango schematic files.

There is another converter written by Renie Marquet which does work on Tango schematic files. See


1) Save the Tango PCB file in ASCII format. (Select ASCII in the Format option of the File Save dialog.)

2) Run the Tango2KiCAD program.

3) Select the Tango PCB file.

4) Select a KiCAD project filename. (.BRD, .CMP and .MOD files will be generated)

5) Press the Convert PCB button.

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